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Brindley's Harbor Resort

We are excited to introduce ourselves as the owners of Brindley’s Harbor and Acorn Hill Resorts. We are Walter's family, Jeff, and Mary, along with their daughter Shannon, their son Kyle, his wife Bekah, and their children. Together with the Perucho family, Ramiro, Linda, and their children Mia, Nina, and Vinny are looking

forward to this season and all it has to offer.

Leech Lake is the third largest lake entirely within the boundaries of Minnesota and has approximately 112,000 surface acres. In its original state, Leech Lake covered about 106,000 acres. In 1884, a dam was built on the Leech River, which raised the lake approximately two feet and increased its surface area to its present size. The deepest point in the lake is about 170 feet and is located in Walker Bay.

Approximately 80% of the lake is less than 35 feet deep. Nearly 50 percent of the 195 miles of shoreline consist of a gravel-rubble-boulder mixture, nearly all of which spawning Walleye uses. Leech Lake has an irregular shape with many large and small bays and is geographically in three glacial zones. This contributes greatly to the unique character and diversity of the lake. Walker and Kabekona Bays are deep, clear water basins that display

characteristics similar to Canadian lake trout lakes and are considered oligotrophic in nature. Large, shallow bays such as Steamboat and Boy display characteristics similar to lakes with high nutrient levels (eutrophic) and decreased water transparency. The main portion of the lake, like most large Minnesota walleye lakes, is somewhere in between and is considered mesotrophic.

Similar to other large lakes in Minnesota, the fish community is dominated by species in the perch and pike families. Walleye, Northern Pike, and Muskellunge are the principal predators and are found in varying abundance throughout the lake. Although most fish species are found in every portion of the lake, the largest concentrations of Walleye and Muskellunge exist in the mesotrophic areas.

Giving Back

Muskie, Walleye, and Jumbo Perch fishing on Leech Lake is legendary! Brindley's Harbor Resort's central location puts you near these fishing honey holes: Pine Point, Stony Point, Ottertail Point, Traders Bay, Agency Bay, Goose Island, The Narrows, and The Hardwoods. Plus, you get all these amenities in your fishing vacation:

  • Protected marina with a 17 foot wide concrete ramp

  • 37 rental slips with electricity, bumpers and lights for boats up to 26 feet

  • Ice, tackle, maps and premium or regular gasoline

  • Comfy lodge with snack bar for pizza, beverages, candy and ice cream. Free fish cleaning.

  • Acres and acres of UN-crowded clear water to explore, fish and just generally enjoy.

  • FREE FISH CLEANING! After you catch the fish, sip a cool beverage while we clean! Each year our harbor staff cleans thousands of fish!

  • YES! We fillet, wrap and freeze the fish for our guests! We remove all the bones, even those tricky "Y" bones on Northern Pike.

  • 16 housekeeping cabins with 1-4 bedrooms. Newer 3, 4 and 5 bedroom log homes are available for visitors who seek luxury accommodations

Brindley's is a great place to call home while you enjoy the lake!

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