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Brindley's Harbor Resort Policies

We want all our guests to have a fun visit at Brindley's but feel it inappropriate for any guest or group to conduct themselves in a disruptive way to other guests' right to enjoy the peace and tranquility of our north woods setting. Inappropriate behavior includes door slamming, playing loud music, or loud and boisterous voices. Quiet time is observed between 10:00 PM and 9:00 AM. Late-night fireside gatherings likely to create loud voices and loud laughter are permitted at the "Point," well away from guest cottages.

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Re-booking, Deposit, and Cancelation policy 

  • All guests have their same cabin starting the same day the following year, guaranteed for 30 days from their arrival date this year. 


  • Within that 30-day period, we will need 20% of your deposit to hold your reservation for the following year. 


  • The other 20%, totaling 40%, is due BEFORE January 1st.


  • Guests will get back their full deposit if the guest needs to cancel their reservation and does so BEFORE January 1st.


  • If the guest cancels their reservation AFTER January 1st, and we can fill the total stay for full price, the guest will get their deposit back minus a $50 cancellation fee.


  • If we cannot fill the canceled reservation time, the full deposit will be kept to compensate the resort for revenue lost. 


  • Less than 30 days’ cancelation notice will result in full payment of your total reservation. 

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