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You never worry about rough water when launching or docking in Brindley's full-service protected harbor. Everyone appreciates Brindley's famous harbor service! Full-time employees Mike Bridges and other staff are very good fishermen, and although they guide us only in the winter, they provide our summer anglers with tips and advice for successful fishing in Leech Lake. The harbor staff is on duty daily from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM to make your lake access safe and convenient. They assist in securing your live baits, ice, and boat house supplies and, in general, try to spoil you with exceptional service.


A 17-foot-wide concrete launch ramp within the harbor makes lake access safe and convenient. In the fall of 2002, we replaced the sea walls and docks on the south and east sides of the harbor. The channel and harbor were dredged to a depth of 7 feet.

Sixteen of our 30 slips are covered for protection from the sun and rain. Five 12-foot by 27-foot private slips are available for guests with large boats and accommodates only one watercraft. Every boat slip has a 15 amp electrical outlet to recharge your trolling motors. Live baits, tackle, lake maps, and ice are available for purchase. We sell regular 87-octane gasoline (with ethanol) and premium 91-octane gasoline (no ethanol).

Harbor Slip Rental Rates

  • Uncovered Harbor Slip. (Most uncovered slips are 20’ wide, accommodating two boats but rented separately.) $30 Day/$150 Week

  • Covered Harbor Slip. (Our six canvas-covered slips are 17’ wide, accommodating two boats but rented separately. $40 Day/$200 Week

  • Private 12’ x 27’ Covered Slip. (Accommodates one watercraft). Protected by the dock on both sides. $50 Day/$250 Week



Our staff fillet, package, and freeze/refrigerate your fish catch. We clean over 12,000 fish annually, and we are good at it. When we clean Northern Pike, we remove the difficult "Y" bones. As a licensed MN fish packer, the fish we clean, package, and stamp (with our license information) do not need to have the one-inch by one-inch intact skin sample required if you clean and transport MN fish. We provide guests with minnow buckets, nets, and pan fish baskets if needed. Items available for purchase include live bait, tackle, lake maps, and gasoline.

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