June 16, 2019

Father’s Day Weekend is always a busy weekend at Brindley’s Harbor. We have had lots of families in the past and present who are repeat guests…memories and traditions have been made and we are always happy to see them come back year after year. Along comes with that is when kids grow up and start their own families. Time and time again, we see these kids with their own little ones and see them participate in some of our activities that we’ve always had for the last 24 years.

We want to share this photo of the Watson father and son back in 1998. Thanks, Holt for sharing a great photo of you and your dad during your stay at Brindley’s.

“Hi guys! Hope all is well. I wanted to share this picture with you all. This is my Dad and I, (Mike Watson and Holt Watson), along with Paris, during the weekly fishing contest. 1998.”

We truly enjoyed seeing photos of our guests enjoying their stay at our resort whether it’s recent or blast from the past snaps. Wishing all dad’s a great Father’s Day!