Brindley’s Covid-19 Safety Procedures:

As resort owners, we take our responsibility to provide you, as our guest, an environment that is clean and safe seriously.  This occurs every year regardless of the surrounding circumstances.  We now have additional procedures that allow you peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to mitigate the spread of the virus.  In March, April and early May of 2020 it was very difficult to acquire personal protective items and hand sanitizer.  We ordered bulk cleaning products and disinfectants approved-for-corona-virus by the EPA but virtually all were on back order.  Thanks in part to several of our long-time guests who work at places like Ecolab, True Value, or major wholesale distributors we were able to acquire adequate supplies.

For the start of the 2021 we are restoring some of our normal services, specifically that guests need not bring their own blankets and pillows.  Here is an outline of Covid practices what we will continue doing for at least the spring season, (keep in mind we continue to do all regular items, plus those items the state conducts with respect to inspections, water testing and such).  Each lodging unit has notes asking for guest actions to assist.

  1. Social Distancing: We will be practicing social distancing in our interactions with you throughout your stay, such as keeping a 6-foot distance in face to face interaction.  We will often be wearing face masks and gloves while completing various tasks.  Please be sure we are not being unsociable, just socially responsible in these regards.
  1. The lodge is closed for Recreation. Hopefully as the season progresses, we will be able to reopen some of the amenities but for now there will be no retail sales of snacks, ice-cream, beverages, pizza, tackle, clothing or groceries.  We will not have Bingo Night, Turtle Races, Sailing Lessons or the Weekly Fishing Contest.  Please bring your own, basketball, yard games, etc.  Our staff is on duty from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm daily.  If you need assistance, speak with the harbor staff or ring the doorbell at the lodge or call 218-547-1721 (888-547-5477).
  1. Harbor Services: The staff will still clean your fish but guests may be required to bring fish to the bait house holding tanks and hang fish on their numbered lodging hooks using provided stringers or fish baskets.  We still sell gasoline but depending on boat configuration, may require guests to pump their own.  When buying live bait or ice, Please Observe Social Distancing.  Our staff will place items conveniently for you to pick them up.

    For each new boat or personal water craft rental, we will clean and sanitize the unit.  Life jackets will be “aged” for at least 72 hours before being reissued.

  1. Once daily we will spray disinfectant, to the best of our ability, on the common area items such as the playground, lawn chairs, and picnic tables. Items placed in the water such as, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, bongo, etc. will not be routinely disinfected.  We will require that you check out adult bikes, the paddle boat and canoe, and upon their return will disinfect them before making them available to another guest.
  1. We ask that all unrelated guests not use the exterior items of other cabins (rocking chairs, picnic tables, etc.) unless invited specifically to do so by the cabin occupant.
  1. Housekeeping: We always clean and disinfect our cottages and rental homes to a high standard, and we hope that is apparent to our guests.  We will be implementing additional CDC and MN Department of Health Covid Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting guest lodging to include “touch point” areas such as knobs, handles, switches, pull chains, grill cover, etc. to ensure that those are disinfected as well as cleaned.  We will spray or wipe disinfectant between guests with an CDC approved for corona-virus cleaning solution.  We change out potholders, rugs, and washable arm chair covers for fabric chairs and couches for each new arriving guest.
  1. We have removed items from cabins that guests “share” from one visit to another that cannot be easily cleaned (such as decks of cards, pens, the bedside alarm clock, etc.). We ask that you bring your own from home if you wish.  We continue to stock spare coffee makers, toasters, fans, clock radios, microwave ovens, and many utensils if needed.
  1. For 2021 we will provide pillows, blankets and bed spreads for all units. Guests need not bring these items from home.  We will still be providing flat and fitted sheets, since we are able to utilize a weekly laundry service.   

  1. Our staff will provide dish towels and dish soaps, paper towels and toilet paper. To promote hand washing and good hygiene, we will be providing hand soap at the sinks of each lodging unit.  These soap bars will be new and individually wrapped upon your arrival.  If you need an additional bar during your stay, just ask..
  1. As always, before departure please carefully wash all used dishes, glassware, cookware and utensils. Our cleaning staff will then rinse them in a sanitizer before use by a new guest.
  1. Check-in: Will be at a table just inside the lodge side door near the bait house.  We will greet you but observe social distancing (at least 6 feet), answer any questions and complete check in.  Please allow for only one guest at a time at the check in table.
  1. Check-out:  Please check out before 7:30 PM on the evening before your departure.  Come to the side door closest the bait house and ring the buzzer for assistance or ask a dock hand to get your bill.  For everyone’s safety we will try to have only one guest in the lodge at a time.  We can also take care of the bill outside at a picnic table if you prefer not to come in.  For zero contact, you may call the office and have the bill emailed.  We can go over the bill on the phone and you can provide a credit card number for payment. (You may have given us your credit card before but we do not retain that information manually or digitally).  You may also drop a check or cash payment or staff tips in the collection box mounted at the launch ramp. 
  2. We are asking those that have been ill, or have shown any symptoms of the virus within 14 days of their arrival to Brindley’s Harbor Resort, not make the trip. This would include those care givers or family members who have come in contact with the ill individual.

We have not listed everything we are doing, but we are making every attempt to address how safety items may impact you during your stay.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but these are necessary per state directive and to further mitigate spread of the virus.  We will alter our operational procedures on an ongoing basis based on directives from the state and the department of health, or as circumstances dictate.

We hope you have a fun, memorable and safe visit to Brindley’s Harbor Resort.

All our lodging facilities are Housekeeping units. They are equipped like a typical “House” with full kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Kitchens are equipped for cooking and dining. Bedroom linens are typically provided. Guests are responsible for their own daily cleaning and bed making.

Lodging units at Brindley’s have a cook stove, microwave oven, cooking and dining utensils, coffee makers, toasters, paper towels, dish towels and dish soaps. Bedroom linens are provided. Toilet paper and trash bags are provided with trash pickup nightly. Each unit has brooms. Prior to departure we ask that guests thoroughly wash dishes, pots and pans.

You do need to bring your own bath and beach towels and personal hygiene items including bath soaps.

No. So that we may focus all our attention on serving cottage and log home guests we do not allow camping. We do not have facilities for travel trailers.

We do not have a restaurant. We do serve pre-packaged pizza. Our store also sells snacks - ice cream, candy and beverages plus common grocery items such as bread, milk, and popular canned goods.

Do not bring your own firewood ! To prevent the spread of tree disease Minnesota has restrictions on the import of firewood. Free firewood is stocked daily at each of our eight community fire pits.

Brindley’s is open year a’ round so conditions vary dramatically. Summer highs are in the low nineties and winter lows can reach minus 30. Leech Lake typically freezes over in early December and the average ice-out is late April. Lake temperatures are suitable for swimming from mid June through late August. On the “Weather“ page of this web site we have a chart showing average temperatures for the 1st and 15th of each month.

The lodge and all rental units have complimentary wireless (Wi-Fi) access. Passwords are required.

The larger 3 and 4 and 5 bedroom lodging units all have cable TV.  Two bedroom cottages “A”, 18 and 19 also have cable TV.

The other two bedroom units and the one bedroom units do not have TV’s - 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.  There is limited over the air free TV if you happen to bring your own small TV and quality antenna.

We do not have a swimming pool. At our lakefront sand beach the water depth increases gradually to about six feet at the end of an adjacent 100 foot long dock. The swim area is roped off from lake traffic and has a water raft, kayaks, and assorted beach toys.

No. We have a strict no pet policy. (Note however that the resort owners do have a Labrador dog). The nearby town of Walker (15 miles) does have a pet boarding service. Walker Animal Hospital, 218-547-3222. Several area resorts do allow pets.

Every lodging facility has a Weber charcoal grill. They are the round 22 inch style. The largest rental units have two grills and there are spare units for special needs. We do sell charcoal and lighter fluid.

We do not have a rental pontoon boat. They are becoming quite popular and we have the purchase of one on our wish list. There are several area rental companies who do rent them and will deliver right to our harbor. If you call, we can assist with contact information. 888-547-5477.

Yes. . . we installed a new commercial playground in 2017.  There are toddler and standard swings, slides, and several climbing devices.

Yes. Each deck and porch has outdoor chairs and beverage tables. Additional wood lawn chairs, swing chairs and picnic tables are scattered throughout the resort.